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PMRG Connect - Brandtrust

A Summary of PMRG: Patients. Technology. Behavioral Psychology.

Last year, the PMRG Connect conference focused on helping market researchers become strategic leaders within their organization. This year, they...

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four leaf clover

Are you as lucky as the Irish? Or just misled by your own biases?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. People are drinking, rivers are turning green (here in Chicago) and everyone feels a little luckier....

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love on the brain

Love is in the Brain (Forget the Heart)

Valentine’s Day can be a complex holiday. At least it is for me. It has been since I was in...

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Shopper Marketing Expo Brandtrust


The Path-to-Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Expo was held October 21-23, 2014 in Minneapolis. I had a chance to attend and...

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Emotions Rule the Roost

The power of any brand is, simply, how your association with it makes you feel. You might say you have...

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The Big F Word: F-E-E-L

Next time you go to a supermarket to do your regular shopping, watch people get lost to the world as...

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price on emotion

Putting A Price On Emotion

Now With 30% More Emotion! Any Brand Manager worth his or her salt knows how to predict purchasing behavior. An...

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The Invisible Gorilla

Sorry, I Wasn’t Paying Attention I remember the first time I watched the Invisible Gorilla experiment, a short video that...

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Innovation Starts With Empathy

The Heart of Game-Changing Innovation Everyone gets the power and potential of new ideas—but there is precious little research and...

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The Psychology of Trust

It All Starts At Home Erik Erikson’s work is taught in nearly every introductory psychology course. His stages of psychosocial...

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