Brands built on Human Truth never struggle for relevance, never lack direction, and always serve as a source of inspiration.

Get to the Heart of It

What is a brand? There are hundreds of answers to this question. But there’s only one that matters to your business: your brand is whatever your customers think it is, and whatever your customers feel it is. Because brand is a perception, every company has a brand.

But not every company has a brand strategy based on a deep understanding of those it serves, designed to proactively build strong and lasting relationships with internal and external audiences alike.

The best brand strategy has the power to connect with people emotionally and is guided by a distinct purpose and promise that addresses its role in society, the promise it makes to those who engage with it, and the emotional needs it addresses. That’s why we root all our brand work in Human Truth. Brandtrust harnesses the power of the applied social and behavioral sciences to discover how your brand can uniquely speak to and address deep human needs.

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Our Journey from Truth to Clarity to Action

The starting point for all of our brand building efforts is deep insight. Upon that foundation we work together to build a clear framework that connects these insights to what is true of your organization at its best. We co-create an enduring strategy to drive desired customer behavior, improve business results, and enable your organization to live out its purpose.


Brand Purpose + Purpose Strategy

Visual + Tonal Identity

Creative Briefs

Experience Design

Brand Training + Socialization

Mergers + Integration Efforts

Messaging + Communications Strategy

Inclusive Activation Strategy

Straight A's of brands


Is this true to our heritage and culture?


Is this relevant to customer needs and perceptions?


Does this inspire our people and our customers to a preferred future?

What We Enable

Emotionally Resonant Brands

Emotionally Resonant Brands

We help your brand connect with your audience on both rational and emotional levels

Purpose-Driven Brands

We help you align all your people around a single energizing idea

Human-Centered Brands

Human-Centered Brands

We inspire communications and experiences that begin with the people you serve

Brand Differentiation

Brand Differentiation

We help your brand stand out from the competition for all the right reasons

Inclusive Activation Strategy

Inclusive Brand Activation

We help your brand authentically connect with
diverse consumers

Brand Revitalization

Brand Revitalization

We help your legacy brand connect established equities to new needs in new ways

“The challenge that we faced is that we were a number three player in a stagnant category and our volume was declining and we really needed to do something to save the business or else it wouldn’t be around. We knew that the key to winning in a commoditized category was really emotions.”
Director of Consumer Understanding
- Kraft Foods
"...our business has grown about 30% and some of our top customers were up 40%-50%. ...the consumer communication, which has played out through not just TV, but how we approach things from a PR and digital and even on a point of sale... everything’s kind of reinforcing the story...Changing how we talk to our consumers, and we did it a way that is much more rooted in how they were thinking about the category, that deep-seated category insight...we were able to have a dramatic effect on the business--which was pretty exciting. It’s stayed there for the last couple of years."
CMO & EVP of Marketing
- FGX International
“The emotion from the consumer enables the brand team and the agency team to be more emotionally connected to the work.”
- Whirlpool
“You know, sometimes when you’re in workshop breakouts, it’s like, ‘uggggggh, really?’ But this one was really, really, really… I loved it. There was passion, there was energy, there was excitement. We were rallying around how this emotional research is really helping us put meat on the bone for the positioning, so to speak.”
Senior Director, Global Insights, Analytics & Forecasting
- Biopharmaceutical Company
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