We believe that truth has the power to change the world


We’re all avid thinkers here at Brandtrust. There’s a genuine curiosity, a persistent desire to discover deeper insights, that we all share in common.

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Founder and CEO

Human Truth Seekers

More than 20 years ago, we recognized a frustrating reality – no one could explain why one particular brand succeeded where another flopped. To understand why, we took a closer look at how brands sought to understand their customers. We realized that leaders that want to build a more valuable asset must build brands rooted in deep insight. Human insight. In fact, we found that a single Human Truth, properly and strategically applied, can profoundly improve brand image, organizational culture, customer experience and business results.

What’s more, we found that Human Truth is rooted in feelings, not facts. Emotion shapes how we create meaning from experience, and thus how we build relationships with brands. So, at Brandtrust, we committed ourselves to a new kind of brand consulting – based on revealing the hidden mind of the customer through methodologies from the social and behavioral sciences.

Our work over the decades has demonstrated that Human Truth can not only solve complex challenges, but can also fundamentally transform brands and businesses by unleashing their full potential.

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Our Truth

We believe businesses and brands can become powerful forces for positive change when they are inspired and guided by Human Truth. People are able to live better lives in a better world when brands are designed in a spirit of genuine curiosity and empathy, and when they address deep and true human needs. This truth inspires us every day, and we delight in partnering with clients to discover and activate it.

Brandtrust is known for our deep inquiry. But research is only the beginning of what we do. We are a strategy consultancy that uses powerful human insights to unlock potential and drive business results for our clients.

Knowing who you are also means knowing who you aren’t: Brandtrust is not an advertising agency or a design firm. Our focus is on radically enhancing the work of creative agencies by bringing deeper, richer insights to the table – to drive more compelling communications, campaigns and customer experiences.

We help you change your world


Human Truth Has The Power To Change The World

We believe businesses should serve noble purposes, and they can become powerful forces for positive change when they are inspired and guided by Human Truth.
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Diverse minds

Finding Human Truth Takes Many Viewpoints

Diverse in our experience, we are strategists and storytellers, and psychologists and anthropologists, writers and designers and dreamers – and so much more. What unites us is our shared pursuit of Human Truth and our passion for unlocking its transformative power.

Our Team

Lindsey Bartel

Associate Director, Research

Sandra Bauman, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Partner

Vicky Bernstein

Manager, Accounting and Office Operations

Kristen Bishop

Director, Client Services

Dan Bryan


Meghan Bryan

Director, Client Development

Hui Ling Chen

Senior Sales & Marketing Associate

Antonia Coffelt


Ashley Colquitt-Finley

Associate Director, Client Services

Jonathan Cook


Jessamyn Fitzpatrick


Michael Forsberg

Associate Director, Client Services

Jenny Forsman

Senior Graphic Designer

Annalisa Funk

Associate Director, People & Culture

Ali Greco

Senior Consultant, Client Services

Chris Hoel

Director, Research

Audrey Holocher


Ed Jimenez

Creative Director

Katie Heaton

Project Management Specialist

Kristi Karrenbrock

Senior Marketing & Sales Associate

Alyssa Kearney

Senior Director, Client Services

Erin Kelly

Managing Director, Growth

Bailey Kielarowski

Associate Director, Client Services

Evan Kim

Sales & Marketing Associate

Maria Koclanis

Executive Operations Manager

Riva Kupritz


Christian Lauffer

Senior Director, Expression Strategy

Stephan Leman

Senior Director, Brand Ecosystem & Experience Strategy

Annie Mack

Consultant, Client Services

Mary Magurean

Consultant, Client Services

Jaime McNeal, PhD


Alex Millet

Managing Director, Client Services

Molly Murphy


Sandra Pimentel

Account Director, Pharma

Elizabeth Plowman

Senior Consultant

Nicole Potoshnick


Maria Regueiro

Project Manager, Client Services

Sharon Sethna

Research Consultant, Client Services

Diane Sheehan, PhD


Carmie Stornello

Director, People & Culture

Sophia Tang

Associate Director, Business Intelligence & Growth Enablement

Daryl Travis

Founder & CEO

David VanScoyoc

Consultant, Client Services

David Vosburg


Keri Wilson

Associate Director, Client Services

Beth Wozniak

Director, Finance

Valerie Zawada

Strategist, Client Services


100% HUMAN

At Brandtrust, we show up every day as our full selves and encourage all those we work with and partner with to do the same. We thrive through open and honest communication. We value the lasting connections that emerge from a place of vulnerability, mutual respect and trust. We strive every day to be kind, humble and empathetic. We serve an ideal larger than the “golden rule” – we treat others as we know they want to be treated, because we took the time to ask them first. In short, our culture is to show up every day in a way that is 100% HUMAN.


Are you curious? Motivated to discover the truths that unite us as humans? Driven to activate these truths for brand transformation? Discover opportunities to join us. We’re better, together.


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of companies that over perform on revenue growth link everything they do to brand purpose, as opposed to only 31% of under performers.

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