Behavior design rooted in Human Truth has the power to create lasting positive change.

Help People Do What They Already Want to Do

Creating lasting change for your business requires changing human behavior. Our human-centered approach to behavior design begins by revealing Human Truth. It ends by encouraging practices and habits that align your brand goals with the goals of your customer. We help to close the intention/action gap by removing barriers and designing interventions that make it easier for people to accomplish what they set out to do.

Brandtrust behavior design leverages the full breadth of our exploratory and testing methodologies. We also incorporate best practices rooted in academia, and in the applied social and behavioral sciences. We help our clients design branded experiences, messages, and services that encourage and support desired behaviors.

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The Power Of "Why"
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Unlock the Insight behind the Insight

In the past, good branding and marketing was recognized for its persuasive power. But, “why” it worked often remained a mystery. Today marketers and brand owners have the tools they need to intentionally and effectively design for action. Leading academics, like BJ Fogg, agree that behavior change requires three things: 


1. The motivation to engage in a behavior
2. The ability to perform the behavior
3. A trigger that cues the behavior at the right time and in the right context


Whether creating healthy habits, influencing public policy, or building brand loyalty, the key to change lies in turning intention into action. Brandtrust partners with you to find and understand the hidden “why.” We identify the forces that create barriers to desired behavior, and design the interventions that inspire behavior change.

What We Enable

behavioral design

Reveal Hidden Motivations

We unlock the psychological drivers and barriers that shape consumer behavior

behavioral design

Build Intention

We help your teams craft messages that spark or kindle motivation

behavior design

Customer Loyalty

We help you find the little things you can do to create customers for life

Convert to Action

Convert to Action

We show you when to apply behavioral economics principles to turn intention into action

"A great group of people who enforce the social science background they have in a very unique and effective way."
- Merck
"Brandtrust helps you look at the business through a very different lens. Insights will create 'ah-ha' moments long after the research and work session are over."
Assistant Manager Consumer Planning
- Fortune 1000 Spirits Brand
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