When she was a young child, AJ was instructed to never again ask her father the question, “Why?” for fear that he may lose his mind from her incessant questioning. Good thing she’s a rebel: She’s been driven by her curiosity and problem-solving skills ever since. Holding a Marketing degree from the University of San Diego, AJ gained early media and advertising experience through working at the Chicago Tribune and Forbes Magazine. At Brandtrust she uses her client-focused background combined with a penchant for detail and results-oriented mindset to bolster her reputation as a holistic research mind.

As an Associate Director of Client Services she finds great joy in “uncovering those deeply held motivations — particularly those really tough nuts to crack — and then working to figure out what they mean as they relate to strategies and actions.” At Brandtrust, she is “constantly amazed at the amount of compassion and care that team members express to each other and their work. There is a genuine feeling of ‘lending a hand’ whenever one needs it.”

During her off time, AJ enjoys practicing hot yoga, walking along Lake Michigan, and catching a live show whenever she can. She’s a Chicago girl through and through and loves a good Italian Beef, but also prides herself as being an avid doughnut connoisseur.


Covid-19 Original Inquiry Webinar Series Part 2: The Healthcare Experience

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