Dodge Ram
Engaging women to evolve the brand & category

Historically, the truck category has been designed for, marketed to, and appealed to men and masculinity. Dodge RAM set out to change this and thereby, increase the brand’s overall share. Partnering with Brandtrust, they sought to understand the deeper, underlying drivers of female truck ownership in order to uniquely establish the brand’s position and communication strategies with women.


Emotional Inquiry revealed that, unlike the traditional emphasis on truck form and function, women think of trucks relationally, emphasizing what they can do for themselves and their families. The ideal truck experience leaves women feeling cared for and provides the right style for those wishing to stand out. Truck brands that do this garner trust and loyalty.


Anchored in these insights, Brandtrust and RAM evolved the brand position to more directly welcome women without isolating core buyers. By celebrating the strength that was already inside the women of RAM, this approach unlocked and capitalized on existing but undervalued brand strength.


This evolved approach ignited a new era for Dodge RAM, not just Dodge RAM with women. It informed an award-winning campaign (Women of RAM: The Courage is Already Inside) that helped to inspire breakthrough growth for the brand. In the three years following the engagement, female ownership nearly doubled, while RAM enjoyed standout levels of overall category growth, including outselling the Chevrolet Silverado for the first time and becoming the number one truck brand and truck brand with women.