Zillow Group – Zillow 2.0: Building the Bridge Between Dreams and Reality

Zillow Group – Zillow 2.0: Building the Bridge Between Dreams and Reality

Zillow launched and built an industry-leading business based on the idea that removing barriers and increasing transparency for homebuyers could help people envision better futures for themselves. Recently, Zillow decided to make a strategic shift – from helping people envision better futures to turning those possibilities into realities. In practical terms, this meant transitioning from a web platform that gathered and displayed information into a multidimensional business that could schedule a tour, structure a mortgage, and even close a deal. In emotional terms, this meant pulling their customers through the magic of dreams into the messiness of reality. Their strongest ally on this quest? Human truth.

  • Learn how a powerhouse brand decided that a new direction for their business had to rest on a more human understanding of their customers
  • Hear Zillow’s story of using qualitative research based in the behavioral sciences to dig deeply into the emotions and mental models around home and change
  • Reveal how to drive inside-out brand transformation by beginning with insight-based strategy

Presenter: Gabriel Renteria, Sr Manager, Customer Insights

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