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Many products and services are at parity on the surface. They are virtually indistinguishable to the buyer. This has profound implications for organizations trying to sell products, services and ideas.

How can YOUR brand stand out above all the others?

Daryl Travis’s new book, How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands, discusses specific and tried-and-true insights for how brands can connect with customers on deep emotional levels in order to overcome challenges of being unrecognized in a cluttered, saturated market.

The book is available in digital format today on Amazon.

Deep understanding of customers’ emotions can transform a business and drive brand growth. Social science research techniques can give us insights that go far in developing powerful and lasting emotional connections with customers.

It is the emotional brand that serves its customers well and drives long-lasting loyalty and engagement.

Topics included in How Does It Make You Feel? are:

  • How to uncover people’s hidden motivations
  • The Six Brand Imperatives
  • Why branding really is brain surgery
  • The purpose-driven brand: Why it’s important to stand for something important
  • Big Data: Drowning in data, but starving for insights
  • The worst thing a brand can do: Ask customers what they think
  • Why the employee is the brand
  • Social media and the one-to-one revolution
  • The way to effective communication
  • How principles form a brand’s destiny
  • And much more!

Daryl Travis is the founder and CEO of market research and strategy planning firm Brandtrust. His work leverages recent breakthroughs in the social sciences to uncover the underlying emotions for how people really feel.

For nearly 30 years, Daryl has advised many of the largest brands in the world. He is a storyteller and global speaker on the power of brands and why deeper human insights are critical for company and brand growth.

Breakthrough the clutter and create powerful emotional connections with YOUR customers.

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Download How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands on Amazon today!

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