HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands

Although Big Data tells us what is happening, it rarely tells us why.

Too much reliance on the rational brain can lead to ‘data, data everywhere and not a thought to think.’ In the future, marketers will stop drowning in data and starving for insights–and uncover those insights that can only be found in peeling back customers’ deep emotional layers.

This book is about the wisdom of feelings—the ability to create emotional connections with customers. It’s the story of how brands use emotional connections to create customer loyalty. It explores both the mystique and experience of brands. It shows how brands with a higher purpose—those that find meaning in how they help to improve lives—build bigger profits not through altruism but rather through the clearly defined contribution they make to the world at large. Citing examples, this book shows how to be a leading brand, as well as a leader of brands. It elaborates on what to do and what to avoid in brand creation and brand maintenance. It tells the stories of great brands big and small, with insights on how those brands achieved their success.

How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands is now available for purchase through

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