Jonathan has spent most of the last ten years striving to better understand the emotional motivations that cause consumers to behave the way they do. An expert in consumer psychology, he has put his distinctive style of Emotional Inquiry® to work for Brandtrust clients such as Eli Lilly, Nestlé, Discover, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Intel and Ace Hardware.

“When a person purchases one brand over another,” Jonathan suggests, “the decision is made more based on an idea of the product than the actual reality of the product. They’re buying the specific promise of what the brand is going to do for them, as much as the practical benefit of the product itself.”

At Brandtrust, Jonathan helps clients understand this distinction so they can make—and keep—meaningful brand promises to their customers.

In addition to his work with Brandtrust, Jonathan has applied his interest in qualitative research methodologies toward helping political candidates get the upper hand in elections. He’s worked in this capacity with congressional candidates, grassroots nonprofits, and government organizations.

Jonathan lives in a picturesque and often snowy small town with his wife and three young children.


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