Covid-19 Original Inquiry Webinar Series

We invite you to our two-part webinar series where we’ll share findings from our Original Inquiry studies around the human and healthcare experiences during the pandemic and how brands can best align to the evolving human experience at this moment.

Part 1 | Tuesday, 3/2 | 11 AM CST | The Human Experience
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Join one of our most highly attended webinars from 2020 as we share the human experience amidst Covid-19 and reveal the challenge of making meaning during times of uncertainty. We’ll translate these rich insights into evocative thought sparkers that can help your brand create experiences aligned with our evolving human experience.

We’ll also share the preliminary findings from our second study, focusing on the healthcare experience during the pandemic.

Part 2 | Tuesday, 3/16 | The Healthcare Experience
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Join the premiere of our Original Inquiry 2.0 findings presentation on the human experience amidst the pandemic. Part two focuses on understanding the patient experience receiving healthcare and the HCP experience providing healthcare, and their attitudes towards a Covid-19 vaccine. We’ll explore the implications of these rich insights and provide ideas around how to apply them to your own Covid-19 brand strategy.

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