The Hartford
Engaging employees to authentically & consistently deliver the brand promise
Building on their two-hundred year insurance industry legacy and in advance of new positioning work, The Hartford identified an opportunity to go beyond rational data to understand the emotional underpinnings of Personal Lines insurance customer experiences. But they didn’t stop there. They knew an external promise is only as good as the brand’s ability to deliver. So they also dug deep into employee experiences. They hoped emergent insights would guide The Hartford in inspiring customer action and in consistently delivering on the brand promise.


Brandtrust’s Multi-Study Synthesis analysis uncovered what the idea of insurance truly means to consumers, including the key moments that matter in their experience with their home and auto insurance provider. Appreciative Inquiry research with The Hartford employees revealed a workforce already highly engaged in delivering on the ideal consumer experience, but seeking increased education and support for going beyond rational needs delivery.


Utilizing key insights, Brandtrust and The Hartford mapped the consumer and employee journeys as a guide for designing experiences most likely to attract and retain loyal customers and for creating insights-anchored value propositions and positioning statements. The Hartford also invested heavily in engaging and empowering employees to own, champion, and live the promise at every touchpoint, guaranteeing the consistent and authentic delivery of the ideal customer experience.


The emergent brand architecture anchored a revitalization of the Personal Lines insurance experience, reaching far beyond traditional brand/marketing to customer experience and internal culture initiatives. The combined efforts yielded powerful outcomes:

  • An increase in employee retention, cutting in half the call center turn over
  • An improvement in key performance metrics (JD Power, CSAT, ESAT)
  • A 30% increase in referrals among customers
  • An increase in sales and customer acquisition

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