Kellogg's Pringles
Answering ‘What Does Summer Really Mean?’ to gain multi-year global success.

In search of their next ‘Evergreen’ campaign – rooted in deep consumer truth that spans geography and time – Kellogg’s 45-year old iconic snack brand, Pringles, sought to understand the underlying drivers of their European Summer Campaign’s success and ultimately, whether this campaign could effectively expand to other regions. To this end, they partnered with Brandtrust to uncover the globally-relevant human truths related to summer, what, if any, connection exists to Pringles, and subsequently, the best opportunities for their next ‘Evergreen’ campaign.


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Using the five key insights that arose during research, platforms were developed matching the summertime attributes, the emotional levers, and Pringles brand attributes that could align for an emotionally resonant campaign:

  1. Relaxed Rules
  2. Flexible Identity
  3. Boundaried Freedom
  4. Stretched Time
  5. Reconnected Community.


Together with their agency partners, Pringles created and tested concepts based on these platforms for their global relevance and abilities to generate potential behavior change and facilitate campaign optimization. For the first time in Pringles history, all concepts tested considerably stronger than the company’s control. In Europe, where the existing campaign already enjoyed considerable success, the tested concept yielded PI 130 IX vs. current +10 PI. And in the US, the concept yielded +14 PI. Ultimately, the campaign successfully expanded in Europe and launched in additional global markets.

The global success of this work culminated into a whitepaper that won the Game Changer Award by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). Read the whitepaper to learn more.