Shifting from rational to emotional connections to drive differentiation & growth

Facing stiff competition and increasing category commoditization, Behr Paint realized that a brand strategy rooted in rational features and benefits would not drive desired differentiation. Instead, becoming a world-class brand required an emotional connection with consumers. They partnered with Brandtrust to do just this: understanding the deeper, underlying human truth that would drive strategic clarity and ultimately, inspire consumer loyalty.


Emotional Inquiry research revealed deep insight into people’s needs related to their identities, homes, and the power that selecting and applying color can possess. Specifically, consumers express their identities, communicate feelings, and mark significant life events through their paint choices and behaviors. Ideally, the paint brand serves as trusted guide in individual expression.


Rooted in these insights, Behr emerged with a spirit of clarity for their company’s future. Together with Brandtrust, they created a new Brand Blueprint and messaging strategy where emotional benefits lead and rational features support.


The emergent strategic framework set Behr on a transformative brand journey, including a full-scale brand touchpoint audit designed to align brand behavior with brand strategy. Most notably, a new creative campaign informed by Brandtrust work emerged.

But ultimately, internal efforts drove measurable results: Behr moved from 3rd in category to 1st, despite being limited to sales at a single retail outlet and was named “Paint brand with the highest customer satisfaction” by JD Power.