Riva Kupritz


With over 25 years of research experience across multiple sectors, I am particularly passionate about financial services, technology and healthcare industries. I have led strategy development and implementation with corporate, agency and supplier organizations. I am dedicated to driving bottom-line results by uncovering the thoughts, opinions and motivations behind customer’s behavior, and to helping clients stay one step ahead in an ever-changing competitive landscape by effectively translating research insights into strategic recommendations.

First and foremost, I strive to be someone who spends my life making people feel better about themselves which I try to do in all encounters I have, be it with friends, through work, or in passing encounters with strangers. I’m deeply devoted to my family including my husband and three kids and my big extended family. I love spending time with friends, traveling, working out, and enjoying the outdoors. I care deeply about the world and try to make a positive difference where I can. Lastly, my lifelong love of animals has had a major influence on what I eat (vegetarian since I was 8 years old) and who I keep company with (chinchillas, geckos, rats, and the most amazing dogs).

Holistically bringing qualitative and quantitative research to life through empathetic listening and strategic analysis, ultimately driven by the belief that if more people knew how to listen to stories people have to share, we would collectively create a better world for everyone.


  • Culture List: The New Yorker’s In the Dark podcast – which tells the story of Curtis Flowers, who was wrongfully convicted and spent over 20 years on death row. This powerful narrative ultimately led to his exoneration.
  • Bucket Items: Write a novel, travel to Asia and have a house full of rescued dogs.
  • Memorable Facts: I had 2 chinchillas for 15 years.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: It takes the same amount of time to say something nice as it does to say something not nice to someone so you might as well say something nice.
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