Nicole Potoshnick


With a rich background in psychology, I am committed to revealing the humanity of consumers and their needs so that my clients grasp the unique story that only they can deliver. Through an approachable demeanor that allows me to quickly gain the trust of my respondents, and an analytical understanding of motivation, I bring order and understanding to every project I have the privilege of being a part of. My goal is to help clients grasp a larger story about their brand and the people that they serve. I have applied my expertise to a variety of industries with wide ranging needs including non-profits, financial services, consumer goods and services as well as pharmaceuticals.

Described most often by my close friends as curious, faithful and down to earth, I subsequently place an incredibly high value on the people the form the communities around me. Currently living outside of Chicago, I love gathering friends for a meal or an evening around a fire, functioning as a sounding board, and as a partner for adventure. I also find that tending plants and witnessing their beauty to be one of the best parts of being human. I’ve developed the ability to listen and ask questions in a way that uncovers truth, both the difficult to decipher as well as the ones that feel more familiar.

Regardless of the industry, there is always a Human Truth factor that must be considered in order for that business to thrive. Through strategic guidance and creative consultation, my goal is to bring that connection into greater focus for maximum impact.


  • Culture List: The Moth Podcast and and and all memoirs of people living their final years.
  • Bucket Items: Hike along fjords in Scandinavia, learn to play the cello and continue my quest to find pockets of beauty in everyday living.
  • Memorable Facts: I’m great in an emergency and I’m always up for an adventure.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Learn to practice charitable judgements.
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