Mary Kohles


“At Brandtrust, I feel proud to work with a talented, dynamic group dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and to delivering impactful results to our clients.”

As a Consultant, Mary has a passion for logistics and a keen eye for details. In her role she is dedicated to making sure that each project is on track and on budget to delight her team and her clients.

Mary finds inspiration in the various relationships she has formed with her colleagues and clients. In her words, she loves “working among a talented and dynamic group dedicated to delivering impactful results to our clients.” Mary is a crucial part of delivering those results to clients and Brandtrust team alike.

Her giving nature keeps Mary invested in what is going on around her. A native of Chicago, her greatest passion is spending time with her family and friends. She rarely has a negative word about her home city, but if you press her, she might kindly ask the sun and warmth to come out and stay around a bit longer.