Elizabeth Plowman

Senior Consultant

As human beings, most of us like to think that we’re in touch with ourselves and know why we do what we do. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, we’re often misguided at best. With my extensive background in social science research, I feel well equipped to be able to simultaneously weigh contextual variables at play and the individual lens. Combining this big picture, systems thinking with a deep understanding of individual human behavior ensures that we don’t miss important details that clients might underestimate because they are so immersed in their brand’s ecosystem. My professional experience has canvassed academia (research, adjunct faculty in human development), marketing and advertising, and education. My doctorate in family psychology trained me to embrace complexity and systemic thinking, but my extroverted nature is best satisfied when answering questions with and for others.

My core belief is that all of us have a finite, limited amount of time on earth, and that we’ll never know when our time is up. It’s important to me to live my life instead of my life living me – so I’ve led a somewhat nomadic life to date but am settling into a new chapter of motherhood and planting roots in the Twin Cities. I love baking with my daughter, exploring our urban neighborhood’s bookstores or farmer’s markets, or biking around the Chain of Lakes with my family. With spare time, you’ll find me on my mat at a hot yoga class, scouring used bookstores for my collection of vintage children’s books, or on a walk listening to a behavior science podcast – and maybe picking up a donut or iced coffee along the way. My German husband would probably prefer I was practicing my Deutsch, but it’s a work in progress.

I am an innovative brand strategist who boldly pursues Brandtrust’ vision of revealing Human Truth in order to effectively oversee research design, interpretation, narrative report creation and presentation development.


  • Culture List: “Anything” by John Gottman, Hidden Brain and The Huberman Lab podcasts and the film Parasite.
  • Bucket Items: Bringing my family to have Rossinis (strawberry Bellini cocktails) on Lake Como, learning to make the perfect French omelet and organizing my 34,000 photos and videos of my children (I wish I was exaggerating).
  • Memorable Facts: I’ve been a bridesmaid, maid of honor or officiant 23 times, co-written a textbook on intimate relationships, a professional in “surprising” people and am a certified Parent Educator.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: When you act out of authenticity and not out of anxiety, you’ll never have regrets.
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