Antonia Coffelt


“What I love about working at Brandtrust is being able to partner with colleagues who represent the best humanity has to offer in terms of brilliance, emotional intelligence, endless curiosity and the vulnerability to live out The Scientific Method everyday – all while being genuinely kind to each other.”

Antonia Coffelt’s innate curiosity and passion for human truth has influenced and elevated her entire career. From living out her own investigative journalism adventure, like Woodward and Bernstein, while editor at of her college paper, through her practice as an experiential marketing & communications consultant helping organizations devise ways to engage their customers and clients, Antonia seamlessly joined the Brandtrust team with her vast experience and engaging spirit. As a researcher at Brandtrust, Antonia helps uncover human truths by enabling respondents and clients to “feel” and articulate their experiences through insightful, intuitive, and empathetic conversations.

Attaining respondent trust in such a short amount of time, enabling them to share the most intimate moments of their life and humanity, is a life-affirming honor and privilege Antonia finds joy in on every single project. Her comfort in ambiguity strengthens her ability to connect deeply quickly.

A Chicago transplant from Los Angeles, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Honolulu, where she attended Chaminade University, Antonia quickly made the fresh coast city her forever home with her four-year-old Cairn/Shih Tsu mix dog named Walter Cronbite. She completed her graduate studies in Communications at Northwestern University and joined the Chicago International Film Festival’s Associate Board. Antonia’s favorite thing about living in Chicago is the access to brilliant, creative, innovative people in every respective field – from street art to the highest levels of civics and philanthropy.

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611