Behavior Design

“First, never underestimate the power of inertia. Second, that power can be harnessed.”

– Richard H. Thaler

In the past, good marketing was recognized for its persuasive power, but the “why” behind its effectiveness remained a mystery. Now, with the rising popularity of behavioral economics, marketers have the insights and tools they need to effectively design for action. Leading academics—including BJ Fogg, the father of behavior design—agree that behavior change requires three things:

01 The motivation to engage in a behavior

02 The ability to perform the behavior

03 A trigger that cues the behavior at the right time and in the right context

Whether creating healthy habits, influencing public policy, or building brand loyalty, the key to achieving change lies in the field of behavioral science.

Brandtrust leverages the full breadth of our exploratory and testing methodologies, in tandem with a series of best practices rooted in applied social and behavioral sciences, to help our clients design brands, experiences, messages, and services that elicit desired behaviors.

We deliver:

  • Understanding psychological drivers of behavior
  • Environmental Audit
  • Design behavioral Interventions
  • Experiments and testing