Purdue University – Achieving a Masterbrand: How Purdue University Uncovered Its Essence

Purdue University desired to evolve their 2020 strategy and beyond following the success of their 150-year anniversary Giant Leaps campaign. While Purdue was aware of the many functional differentiators of the university, they recognized an opportunity to more deeply understand the emotional differentiators across its many constituents to discover the true essence of Purdue. Join Purdue as they share how they used the psychological, behavioral and emotional motivations and drivers of their diverse target audience to gain a fuller understanding of the Purdue essence and what it means to be a Boilermaker.

In this session, attendees will takeaway:

  • How to leverage research methodologies based in the social sciences in order to gain more holistic access to deeper insights.
  • How to craft and pull insights through to create a robust marketing and communications strategy.


  • Ethan Braden, Vice President of Marketing
  • Dave Moore, Market Research Consultant

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