International Justice Mission – Building a 360-Degree Brand to Fuel the End of Slavery in Our Lifetime

IJM has set out to reach an ambitious goal – to end slavery in our lifetime. In order to achieve it, they needed to have coordinated strategy, internally and with their key partners in order to make their plan scalable. This session’s focus is around finding common insight across a complex global audience to inform a unified brand strategy that insures key insights not only resonate but also are activated in a way that all IJM team members are able to authentically live the brand, ultimately making their mission possible.

In this session, attendees will takeaway:

  • How to utilize social science based research with internal and external audiences to formulate a brand identity
  • How to use narrative elicitation to identify common insights across diverse global audiences
  • How to create organizational alignment through insight-driven strategy

Presenter: Jeremy Steffens, Global Vice President, Brand & Communications

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