Environmental Defense Fund – Taking Back the Narrative by Utilizing Human Truths that Drive Behavior

As marketers, we know that communicating an idea that resonates with a broad audience is difficult, but when we’re tasked with shifting deeply ingrained behavior things become even more challenging.

For over 50 years, the Environmental Defense Fund has had a focused mission: protect the environment. However, they were aware that messages from the environmental community on climate change had become a partisan sticking point for some audiences, limiting their ability to engage people in productive discussion on the issue. This session’s focus is around taking back a narrative through understanding the human truths that really drive our decision-making and behavior. Understanding what is core to our identity and how it translates into our beliefs and value systems helps us to understand why people do what they do, and most importantly, helps us to gain empathy for those we may not regularly see eye-to-eye with. By utilizing the right communication tactics, we can bridge more gaps instead of causing further divide around an important message.

In this session, attendees will takeaway:

  • Utilizing human truths to create messaging platforms and guardrails to ultimately drive behavior
  • Understand how to pull insights through to a robust communications strategy that drives action


  • Keith Gabby, Senior Director of Communications, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Alyssa Kearney, Director, Client Services, Brandtrust
  • Chris Hoel, Associate Director, Brandtrust

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