Sharon Sethna

Research Consultant, Client Services

Whether an educational or vocational setting, I’ve always been drawn to people – how people think, how different opinions or experience cause them to view the world differently. With a background in studying anthropology, religion and political science, I’ve been professionally driven and fascinated by how different experiences and upbringings alter our perspective and how we interact with the world. This thirst for human nature has propelled me through the nonprofit and political spheres (and helped me ultimately land on the Brandtrust Client Services team) where I’ve continued to unlock human needs and desire – tangibly making actionable change and impact on both. I am energized by partnering with clients on answering the nebulous questions and love project work where we are uncovering key human truths together – with actionable insights and brand strategy.

At my core, I’m endlessly fueled by connection – with people, places and new ideas. My wanderlust nature leads me to places where I can hike, make picnics and try new, exploratory foods. I love adventures (both big and small) and a routine of a lack of routine. My worldview on happiness and balance has been strengthened by the work of Laurie Santos. The humans I do life closely with bring me the most joy – friends near and far, family and being a beloved dog-aunt to Rory.

As a Research Consultant, I strategically orchestrate the amplification of human stories for companies that have the power to make real change in the world. I help design our research projects and questions, balancing business objectives with keeping people, their stories, and their truths at the center of what we do. I’ve always been fascinated the by forces that dictate how people show up in the world and like to keep an extra ear out in research for culture + societal nuances.


  • Culture List: “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, More Perfect podcast and Big Hero Six.
  • Bucket Items: Becoming a pool shark, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and learn to make the perfect bao buns.
  • Memorable Facts: She has been on an archeological dig, appeared on an episode of Shark Tank for a former teacher , and believes that anywhere within 45 minutes is “walkable”. Most importantly, she has a catalog of podcast names, content and recommendations that she loves to share when prompted.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: A day without laughter is a day wasted.
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