“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

Brandtrust begins with humanity first. Enlightened companies with good innovation track records agree on one critical point: Meaningful innovation is fueled by understanding the needs of customers—needs they either can’t or won’t express. The secret to identifying and designing for these unarticulated needs is to tap into the nonconscious mind.

The biggest barrier to innovation is often the word “innovation” itself; we generate so much energy in trying to be disruptive that we miss the invitation to develop empathy for those whom we seek to serve. In truth, innovation is about applying creative approaches to solve problems and clearing the path to enable behavior change. Focusing innovation to serve your customer, your company, and your collaborators goes beyond basic demographics and psychographics; it requires deep understanding of what drives consumer emotions, and not only their needs but their aspirations, as well.

We apply perspectives, principles, and tools from psychology, narrative theory, and behavioral economics to blueprint high-impact products and services rooted in the human truth of how we decide and behave. We believe innovation efforts should read like the next—and best—chapters of the story your brand tells the world.

We deliver:

  • Psychological/Emotional Requirements
  • Brand Innovation Story
  • Innovation Brand Stretch Strategy
  • Product, Package, Service Concepts
  • Concept Assessment (via Implicit, System 1, testing)
  • Innovation Pipeline
  • Human-Centered Design