The Business of Behavioral Economics Workshop

An Introduction To The Human Intention/Action Gap & The Interventions That Drive Behavior Change

Why don’t people save more money, engage in healthy behaviors, and, more generally, make better choices? There are dozens and dozens of cognitive illusions that obscure the truths behind human behaviors, and the study of these hidden truths inspired the science of Behavioral Economics. Teams will learn the common and most practiced behavioral economics principles, how they relate to sparking behavior change and, more importantly, how they can be applied to business, marketing, healthcare challenges and more.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Be introduced to Behavioral Economics and why it is important
  • Learn key concepts from Behavioral Economics
  • Acquire a practical framework for applying Behavioral Economics to activate change
  • Apply Behavioral Economics to solve a specific challenge

Leave energized and ready to apply in the real world!

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