A More Beautiful Question Workshop

Discovering The Lost Art Of Questioning For Driving Breakthrough Thinking

Questioning is critical to the development of human understanding and the capacity to create successful strategies. But as organizations mature, the number of questions we ask declines drastically as does our ability to query and innovate.

Developed in partnership with journalist and innovation expert Warren Berger, this workshop explores the lost art of questioning to spark new ideas that lead to great strategy and innovation. It is an examination of how to use questioning as a tool, a process and a mindset to pursue change and cultivate new and fresh ideas in an organization. Teams will explore the idea of reviving our beginner’s mind and resetting our mental models around when, why and where we should be asking questions.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn the questions that were at the root of many of America’s great innovations
  • Be introduced to a framework for moving from question to action
  • Apply learnings through an interactive, dynamic session
  • Leave energized and ready to apply in the real world!

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