Steinway & Sons

The premium piano market was shrinking and Steinway & Sons needed to change their strategy to attract consumers to enter the ultra-high-end piano market, and ultimately, purchase a Steinway.

Steinway & Sons


The premium piano market is small. Steinway & Sons is clearly the standard-bearer for this ultra-high-end market, but there are emotional barriers and touchpoints that every premium piano owner goes through. These people were once hesitant shoppers, and something about Steinway pushed them to make the leap.


Brandtrust’s deep emotional studies surfaced the intense emotional significance of music in people’s lives and the complex psychological significance surrounding the choice of the piano. The insights highlighted the unique and essential role a specific Steinway piano plays in the relational matchmaking between the musician and instrument.


By understanding peoples’ motivations and shopping experience, and realizing the role the Steinway brand plays in the pianists’ world, Steinway now anchors their brand strategy in the insights and is in the midst of transforming their brand and retail experience to match the emotional nature of the brand.