Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s, an iconic, masculine brand, needed to get in touch with its feminine side.

Jack Daniel’s


Jack Daniel’s is an iconic brand that enjoys a leading market position, but is also associated primarily with masculinity. The company wanted to know what about its brand appealed to female drinkers, and how they could leverage this understanding to turn more women into zealots for Jack Daniel’s.


Brandtrust research revealed that, when women bond with Jack Daniel’s, the brand aligns deeply with their true selves and helps to define and express their confidence, independence and empowered femininity.


Jack Daniel’s leveraged this insight to conduct an informed brand audit that helped refine the existing brand architecture. This helped create a marketing strategy and tactics that aligned Jack’s core values with what matters most to women. The insights and strategy also inspired the development of and launch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, which became the second best selling product in the franchise in just over a year on the market.