Cadillac set out to refresh its brand perception by exploring the luxury SUV market.


Luxury is changing. More and more young, affluent people are re-defining what luxury means, especially in the car industry, and many companies are playing catch-up. Prior to the launch of its fourth generation Escalade, Cadillac set out to dramatically refresh both the design and brand perceptions to appeal to a broadening range of affluent buyers and evolving views of the luxury SUV market.


Insights discovered in Brandtrust’s research transformed the Escalade brand team’s perspective of their consumers, building empathy and a much deeper understanding of the emotional journey consumers take when desiring, choosing, and owning a luxury SUV.


Brandtrust’s insights directly informed the fourth generation Escalade launch, and have influenced subsequent campaigns. The 2014 Escalade increased year-over-year sales by 16% in the second full month of sales and has resumed its reign as segment leader with strong loyalty and conquest numbers.