Why Everyone In Your Company Should Be the Brand Manager

Why Everyone In Your Company Should Be the Brand Manager

September 12, 2013

How customers feel isn’t simply important to the marketing and sales department. Chief executives and their financial counterparts have a vital interest in customers’ feelings. It is the job of everybody in your company to court customers who have feelings that could turn him or her into loyal converts for your brand. That is why the most important answer you might ever seek is the answer to the title of my new book: How does it make you feel?

The fact is, we develop a deeper emotional response to the brands in our lives than our rational minds can fathom. It’s not always logical; sometimes it makes no rational sense. But above all, it is human.

What kind of emotional response does your favorite brand evoke? Or even, how a brand you dislike makes you feel. Please share here or on Twitter and tag your tweet with #HowDoesItMakeYouFeel or simply, #HDIMYF.

Daryl’s new book, How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands, will be available for purchase digitally later this month on Amazon.com. Follow HDIMYF updates on Twitter @BTCEO and @Brandtrust®!

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