Vicky Bernstein

Accounting Manager

After studying marketing at Michigan State University, I took my first job to the skies with American Airlines. Once my husband and I started a family, I combined my passion for helping others plus my love for numbers and opened a Bookkeeping LLC, eventually leading me to my role as Brandtrust’s resident Accounting Manager. On any given day, I have the privilege of ensuring the accuracy of financial records, reconciling accounts, verifying transactions and and working closely with departments to evaluate the profitability of various projects and potential new business – these collectively empower us to make informed business decisions. I am equally energized by staying up-to-date with industry benchmarks and best practices to ensure the company remains competitive.

As an open-hearted human, I find deep fulfillment in various activities and relationships. I enjoy participating in a book club, spending quality time with my family and friends, going for walks and bike rides, and exploring new places through exploratory travel. My close sphere would describe me as loyal, dependable, trustworthy and consistent.

Alongside Brandtrust’s Director of Finance, I actively drive efficient and effective financial processes that are fostered by a collaborative environment. Adjacently, I propose cost-saving measures and strategies to optimize resource allocation and improve the bottom line.


  • Culture List: The Hoda Show podcast with Hoda Kotb as well as the wholehearted research conducted by Brené Brown.
  • Bucket Items: Travel and explore, learn how to dance and renovate my forever home.
  • Memorable Facts: Opposites attract has never run truer in my marriage because where my husband excels on stages, I excel in Pivot Charts. I am also known for my love of shopping.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: I value honesty and collaborative success in the workplace, aka: OneTeam.
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