Valerie Zawada

Consultant, Client Services

With a dynamic background that reflects my creativity and business acumen, I have had the privilege of working not only as an independent consultant and marketing professional, but also in the arts and non-profit spaces. In my time at Brandtrust on the Client Services team, I have found joy advocating for stakeholder thinking and purposeful business, as well as in experiencing the importance of internal culture. At my professional core, I am driven by empathy and big-picture-thinking and feel called to serve the world through my work as a strategic advisor and human story-teller.

When not at work, you can find me either biking the lakefront trail, hiking a local forest preserve, or daydreaming about the future. I am passionate about the outdoors, whether exploring the latest neighborhood patio or practicing wildflower identification. My favorite community building experience is enjoying food with friends and family, and I continue to find great enjoyment in creative pursuits. Not only am I a lover of dogs, but of the whole landscape of human emotions and feelings – as they are authentic expressions of where we’ve been and where we are going.

As a Consultant, I strategically orchestrate the amplification human stories for companies that have the power to make real change in on system – in ways big and small from providing better, more meaningful products driving cultural conversations toward a better world.


  • Culture List: “The Heart of Business” by Hubert Joly, Paddington (2010) and anything written by the late Mary Oliver, as her writing encourages me to seek out all parts of being human, not just working.

  • Bucket Items: Hike in Patagonia, give a TED talk and own a home.

  • Memorable Facts: My family pierogi recipe makes delicious pierogies!

  • One Human Truth I Live By: Time never stops.

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