Stephan loves a good challenge, and for that, has been well loved at Brandtrust for over a decade. As Director, Customer Experience and Innovation Strategy, Stephan has brought his passion for problem-solving and process, keen observation and translation skills, and committed work ethic to delight such clients as Eli Lilly, Kraft, Jack Daniel’s, Lincoln Financial, Abbott Nutrition and Johnson & Johnson.

During his tenure at Brandtrust, Stephan has been instrumental in the development and facilitation of many of Brandtrust’s Human Truth Workshops, including A More Beautiful Question Workshop, Essentials of Empathy Workshop, The Art of the Question Workshop, and Emotional Listening Workshop.

“No matter the industry or brand, every challenge at Brandtrust provides the opportunity to understand and align with humans on a deeper level,” he says. “I love helping clients forge that connection with those they serve in order to make a lasting impact.”

Of his clients, he says, “I find my inspiration by helping clients develop inspired strategy that comes from stepping into their customers’ shoes. It’s a privilege to be a part of that journey, and helping organizations do great work for great purposes.”

In his personal life, Stephan is an amateur musician and is interested in anything having to do with sports, playing in tennis tournaments and softball and basketball leagues as the seasons and his work schedule allow. He and his lovely wife, Liz, reside in Salt Lake City and are proud parents of two young children.


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