Sophia Tang

Client Development Manager, Insights & Analytics

“Brandtrust values my hard-working, persistent, and analytical spirit.”

Sophia is no stranger to challenge. She has dual bachelor’s degrees in Russian Language & Literature and International Trade & Economy, and a Master’s in Marketing Analytics and Communication, she is constantly striving to test her limits and grow her already impressive resume professionally and academically. She speaks three languages, and moved halfway around the world to pursue her dream job in Chicago.

Sophia has a passion for all Brandtrust does. As the insights & Analytics Manager for the Business Development team at Brandtrust, Sophia helps introduce Brandtrust’s unique, human-centered approach to professionals across all industries, as well as analyzing business intelligence data in order for her team to gain actionable insights to maintain sustainable competitiveness. She welcomes the challenges and successes of her role, and is the ultimate team player. Working at Brandtrust, she feels “helpful, trusted, and valued. I love helping my team get things done. My team values my hard-working, persistent, and analytical spirit.”

Outside of her work, Sophia is currently pursuing her second Master’s Degree in Applied Data Science at University of Michigan.