Sophia Tang

Associate Director, Business Intelligence & Growth Enablement

WHO I AM AS A HUMAN DOING (Professional Self): With an education canvassed in Linguistics, International Trade & Economy, Marketing Analytics, and Data Science, I have been holistically equipped to combine the power of data with the magic of storytelling. I am energized by creating and telling data-empowered stories that bring actionable insights in front of both internal and external audiences. I appreciate all opportunities when I get to stretch my data science muscles through projects that uncover rich insights incorporating both qualitative and quantitive methods to inform my audiences’ future actions. Besides wearing the hat of a Data Scientist, as Associate Director of Business Intelligence & Growth Enablement, I enjoy partnering with my amazing teammates in all aspects of client development endeavors like leading door opening activities and overseeing our proposal generation pipeline.

WHO I AM AS A HUMAN BEING (Personal Self): The adventurer at heart motivated myself to move halfway around the world for my graduate degrees and my dream career. I live in Chicago with my husband and my two cats. My leisure time is often filled with reading, cooking, making handcrafted jewelry and playing music.

WHAT I DO AT BRANDTRUST: I functionally excel in business intelligence in order for my team to gain actionable insights to maintain sustainable competitiveness – this fuels Brandtrust’s unique, human-centered approach to professionals across all industries.


  • Culture List: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and “Hua Mulan” (the original Chinese folktale)
  • Bucket Items: Creating my own handcrafted jewelry brand, getting a PhD degree and learning to speak a 4th language.
  • Memorable Facts: I love learning new languages and learning to play new musical instruments. Also, close friends would describe me as grounded, kind, thoughtful, generous and fun to hang out with.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: To quote the famous Maya Angelou, “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”
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