Pinelopi Margeti

Senior Associate Consultant

“At Brandtrust, my greatest reward is feeling excited, inspired, and motivated to go into the office (or log-in virtually) every morning. It’s proof and reassurance that I’m at the exactly right place doing the exactly right thing!”

Pinelopi Margeti’s deep curiosity and passion for psychology makes her an ideal teammate and Senior Associate Consultant at Brandtrust. A positive spirit and motivated to contribute, Pinelopi directs her energy to assist clients and her team to keep projects organized, on-time, and on-track.

Pinelopi graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Visual Media Studies and dipped her toes into public relations prior to joining the Brandtrust team. Her education hasn’t stopped within the classroom, as she continues to educate herself on topics she’s passionate about, such as the intersection between cross-cultural psychology and consumer-psychology and the impact it has on brand messaging and consumer connections.

Raised in Athens, Greece, Pinelopi is a recent resident of Chicago and enjoys the opportunities and hustle-n-bustle only a city can provide, and, of course, the food. In her leisure time, Pinelopi enjoys learning new languages (currently speaks three fluently), photography, traveling, and learning all of her grandmother’s secret family recipes.