Jaimes “Jaime” McNeal

Jaime McNeal has focused his entire career satisfying his curiosity around how people behave in the work environment. With a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology and currently finishing a PhD from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, he is perfectly suited for the Researcher role at Brandtrust. Prior to Brandtrust, Jaime was the […]

Annalisa Funk

As Senior Manager of People and Culture, Annalisa Funk radiates positive energy and an eagerness to assist clients in shining light on deep human truths that ultimately inform their strategy. With exceptional experience across a wide array of industries, she brings an unrelenting appetite for leaning among her colleagues and clients and has an unwavering […]

Ali Greco


Ali Greco brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a Consultant at Brandtrust. With a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri, she brings unmatched dedication and genuine care for her clients and team. Prior to Brandtrust, Ali held […]

Missael Pale


As an Associate Consultant at Brandtrust, Missael always brings a passion for human truth and understanding to his work. He delights his team and clients by managing project flow from start to finish, with a keen eye toward keeping his team on track and on budget. Missael’s background in graphic design has honed his aptitude […]

Valerie Zawada


As a Consultant at Brandtrust, Valerie brings her passion for the human story, her positive outlook on life, and creativity to her role to ensure every project runs smoothly and on track in order to delight her clients and support her team. Valerie’s natural curiosity and background have uniquely prepared her for such a pivotal […]

David VanScoyoc


David’s passion to forge strong relationships, coupled with his continued eagerness to learn, is what he is most appreciated for at Brandtrust. As a Senior Associate Consultant, he assists clients and our team with all the logistics of a project; anticipating the needs of others and keeping every project moving like a well-oiled machine. David’s […]

Bailey Kielarowski

Bailey’s passion to learn and eagerness to build strong relationships is what she is admired most for at Brandtrust. As a Consultant, she assists clients to better serve consumers by better understanding their stories. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, including AstraZeneca, GSK, The J.M. Smucker Company, Roche, and […]

Vicky Bernstein

As Account Manager and Office Manager, Vicky keeps the wheels turning by supporting all things accounting related. She brings with her a unique background in accounting and marketing, having previously held roles at American Airlines, VF Corporation, Weiss CPA, and SSPR. Of working at Brandtrust she says, “The entire team inspires me to be a […]

Jill Schaefer


As a Senior Proposal LAB Manager, Jill’s role is to corral Brandtrust’s best and brightest thinking, wrangle it onto the page, and delight clients with proposals that can inspire a new way of thinking about how to solve their business challenges. Her work spans across numerous industries and clients, and she loves that diversity, having […]

Mary Kohles


As a Consultant, Mary has a passion for logistics and a keen eye for details. In her role she is dedicated to making sure that each project is on track and on budget to delight her team and her clients. Mary finds inspiration in the various relationships she has formed with her colleagues and clients. […]

Annie Giebelhaus


Annie is a Consultant at Brandtrust, meaning she helps clients discover new insights by learning and walking with them toward the low hanging fruit in projects and engagements. During her time in this role, Annie has had a bevy of experiences across industries that she puts to great use in her day-to-day role.  Annie’s background has prepared her for […]

Keri Wilson

Keri brings a positive energy and academic expertise to her role as a Senior Consultant at Brandtrust. Whether she is helping clients discover inspiring insights through research or guiding her team through meaningful strategy, Keri draws on her wealth of experience to deliver the best possible outcome for everyone involved. As a graduate of UCLA’s […]