Missael Pale

Associate Consultant

“The biggest reward is being able to learn about the various industries and companies that power the modern world through continued innovation.”

As an Associate Consultant at Brandtrust, Missael always brings a passion for human truth and understanding to his work. He delights his team and clients by managing project flow from start to finish, with a keen eye toward keeping his team on track and on budget.

Missael’s background in graphic design has honed his aptitude to find creative solutions and keep project details on course. Missa’s (his preferred nickname) attraction to Brandtrust comes from his longtime interest in research and strategy, having specialized in those topics graduating with a Bachelors in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Missa loves to be part of “Brandtrust’s unique research and strategy process where meaningful questions and curiosities are both born and answered.” With that perspective, it’s no wonder that Missa delivers and delights with every project he touches.

Outside of work, Missa is usually researching the best restaurants and eating his way through the many global locations he travels for his clients and for fun. Beyond being Brandtrust’s designated restaurant connoisseur, Missa is also Brandtrust’s unofficial office technology guru and Spanish translator—his native tongue!

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611