Mike Berinato

Mike has been partnering with clients across industries and throughout the brand lifecycle to uncover human truth and the “why” behind people’s behavior for a long time. Always looking for opportunities to use human truth for better strategic decisions, a trait that makes him perfectly suited as Brandtrust’s Sales Director.

“Brand, customer experience, and innovation challenges are constantly changing, so understanding the psychological dynamics underneath them is critical to successful marketing. Brandtrust’s mastery of human truth and broad set of tools that uncover it are an amazing weapon for brands. It’s a joy to work with leading companies in the world to improve their brands and experiences.”

Outside of work, Mike and his wife, Courtney, live in Wakefield, MA and spend most of their time with activities with their children Jack, Thomas and Caroline are involved with. In the remaining few free moments, Mike enjoys ocean and long days at the beach. where he can paddle board, paddle surf, rest, relax and read, and then do it over again. He also enjoys landscaping and always has a yard project to work on.


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