Michael Forsberg

Associate Director

“What I love most about Brandtrust is the genuine aspiration to empower businesses to serve noble purposes—changing the world through human truth.”

With a unique background in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Michael possesses a strong ambition to bring social impact across both types organizations. As an Associate Director, Michael helps his clients unlock hidden potential by listening, learning, and remixing existing truths into fresh ideas.

Starting his career at global media agencies, Michael cut his teeth in the industry by activating brand strategies through innovative marketing and first-to-market media plans, learning to achieve business success with the highest degree of excellence. From there, his passion around the intersection of business and social impact led to a pivot from the corporate world into the international humanitarian space. Applying his unique skillset at World Vision, Michael designed transformational experiences that tackled the root causes of poverty and empowered communities to thrive. His work contributed to World Vision becoming a leading provider of clean water, food aid, and other sustainable development practices.

Outside of work, Michael is constantly on the move which makes his home base in Los Angeles a perfect location to explore and play on its magnificent varied landscape with his wife, Jill. All in the spirit of fundraising for clean water projects and child wellbeing, he enjoys pushing his body to traverse unreasonable distances—from ultra-marathons through the hills of South Africa, climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, to Ironman Triathlons stateside, Michael tends to up the ante after every finish line he crosses.

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611