Meghan is a proven performer with a stellar track record of success in all of her endeavors, a truly fearless and outgoing personality with a natural penchant for forging personal connections. In her role as a Senior Manager of Client Development, Meghan leverages those skills and attributes as she sets out to understand client needs and then helps Brandtrust craft thoughtful solutions that will best allow those clients to achieve their objectives.

Of her work with us, Meghan says, “I feel so privileged to interact with some of the most iconic brands in the world and help them recognize and then leverage the emotional undercurrents to everything they do and say. It’s a great process to watch a brand begin to understand its own story and then learn how to tell it in a meaningful way.”

At home, Meghan revels in raising her daughter Blake with her husband, Dan, in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast neighborhood. She is also deeply interested in all aspects of food. Since childhood in a historic small town in upstate New York, she would go to the library to check out cookbooks about different world cuisines, and then drag her mother off in search of exotic ingredients. And while little has changed since those days, living in Chicago affords her many more outlets for her food passions.


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