Meghan Bryan

Director, Client Development

I spent the early part of my sales career in more transactional roles, through which learned a lot about people and how to navigate a broad diversity of organizational challenges. The hallmark of my tenure at Brandtrust has been a focus and specialization on a more relational approach. I love that my current role allows me to lean into my favorite part of sales which is at its core very human. I enjoy listening and understanding our clients’ needs. I am privileged to coach new clients through our sales process, helping them understand and feel comfortable with the solution we’re providing. These are high-priority projects for our clients and they’re putting their trust in us and their reputation on the line. There’s nothing better than seeing our clients feel really good about the decision they’re making and I can lead that process with confidence knowing I have a team that is going to deliver with excellence on those promises.

The people who know me would describe me as enthusiastic, kind, and funny. At my core, I am a mom to my daughters, Blake and Remy, and partner to my husband Dan. I am so grateful for the purpose and joy they give to my life. I love all things food-related, occasionally running or boxing, arranging flowers, and anything that makes me laugh.

As Director of Client Development, I have the privilege of strategically sharing stories of our work at Brandtrust that reveal the power and impact Human Truth can have on everything it touches. I am energized by leading our team and coaching the organization in these efforts as well.


  • Culture List: Emily Oster for her data-driven work, specifically on pregnancy and parenting. I love her objectivity, commitment to seeking the why behind the what, and her willingness to acknowledge when there isn’t a clear answer.
  • Bucket Items: “Manger bien, riez souvant, aimez beaucoup” meaning eat well, laugh often, love much, which hopefully also involves spending most of my time in the south of France with the people I love, learning to fly a plane and finally figuring out how to keep my house clean.
  • Memorable Facts: If you microwave pepperoni long enough it kind of tastes like bacon.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: The best way to understand people is to listen to them. –Ralph G. Nichols
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