Kristine Dudley

Senior Project Manager

With a dynamic career journey spanning roles at the University of Washington Medicine and Fabric Inc, I’ve honed my skills as a proactive project manager with a passion for crafting data-driven marketing strategies. My experience extends from internal communications to website management, all geared towards fostering brand visibility and achieving strategic marketing goals. What sets me apart is my knack for fostering collaboration among diverse teams, ensuring a shared vision from designers to CMOs. Learning in fast-paced environments, I thrive on creative problem-solving and multitasking, navigating challenges with ease. As I embark on my journey at Brandtrust, I eagerly anticipate delving into purpose-driven projects, shaping brand activation and customer experiences through insightful strategies that resonate with today’s dynamic market landscape. 

Originally hailing from Edison, New Jersey, I find fulfillment in a variety of activities including tennis, culinary experimentation, travel, and reconnecting with nature, especially through forest bathing. At home, my life revolves around my husband and our cherished tabby cat, Logan. Recognizing my strengths, I prioritize excellence while ensuring customer success remains paramount. I thrive on complex projects, likening them to solving puzzles or engaging in board games. Direct, loyal, and trustworthy, I uphold these qualities in all aspects of life. Influential figures like Brené Brown and Oliver Burkeman have profoundly influenced my outlook, urging me to embrace acceptance and refine my time management skills, pushing me beyond my comfort zone.

As Senior Project Manager, I ensure complex projects meet client objectives and quality standards by overseeing planning, execution, and team coordination, while also serving as the primary client liaison, providing strategic guidance and resolving issues for project success.


  • Culture List: ”100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Finding Mastery with Dr. Michael Gervais and Amelie.
  • Bucket Items: Visit Australia, see the cherry blossom trees bloom across Japan with my parents and attend all four Tennis Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Memorable Facts: I got my passport and travelled internationally for the first time at 3 months old to meet my grandparents in the Philippines. Wanderlust is essentially part of my DNA.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: “Know thyself.”  – Socrates
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