Kristen Bishop

Director, Brand Strategy

“I love seeing brand teams experience those ‘lightbulb moments’ when they gain a deep insight into their consumers and start to think about them in a new light. It’s a fun challenge to help lead them there and facilitate that experience with them.”

With a background in journalism and psychology, and an insatiable curiosity, Kristen is a natural fit for Brandtrust. Within her decade tenure, Kristen has shepherded clients through creating authentic, insight-inspired brand strategies that serve as north stars to guide brand activation internally and externally. She has been privileged to work alongside iconic brands such as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Vanguard, Kimberly-Clark, Zillow, Brown-Forman, and David’s Bridal.

Kristen leads Brandturst’s Brand Strategy practice, and is currently perusing her master’s degree in Positive Organization Development and Change at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where she is applying Appreciative Inquiry, a strength-based change management practice, to help businesses serve as positive change agents within culture and society. She applies these practices to her client organizations to help them create more meaningful and enduring brand strategies, as well as internally as a people leader within Brandtrust.

Kristen’s zest for adventure and appreciation for travel and new perspectives has led her to journeys all over the world, and she enjoys applying this cultural lens to help deepen team’s understanding for the people they serve. At home, Kristen enjoys yoga, reading, and dreaming.

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611