Kristen Bishop

Director, Client Services

With a natural sense of curiosity and a background in public relations and journalism, I bring a passion to shepherding clients through creating authentic, insight-inspired brand strategies that serve as north stars to guide their brands. My role as Director allows me to leverage my master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change Management and my experience in Emotional and Appreciative Inquiry to help organizations understand who they are at their best and the inherent strengths they should leverage to create exceptional cultures and experiences. I specifically love focusing on the purpose strategy sector of Brandtrust’s brand ecosystem, pushing brands to align with their reason for being beyond profit or product, helping them serve as positive forces within culture and society.

I have a zest for adventure and travel and have been fortunate to explore all over the world – a mark of my appreciation for new perspectives and experiences. When I’m not working, you’ll find me perfecting my tennis serve, practicing yoga, taking long walks and hikes or juggling at least two books at one time. I have always been drawn to the water and feel most at home with a cup of coffee on the deck of my family’s lake house. Those who know me best describe me as loyal, someone who knows what she wants and is committed to achieving it, and someone who has enthusiasm for life but at the same time is a true introvert at heart. I need my time to reflect!

I help organizations mitigate what’s ideal with what’s possible and leverage Human Truth to spark what kind of change they should create, whether it’s in their creative expression, their corporate brand strategy, sales strategy, or their culture. Ultimately, I facilitate brands rallying around the deeper needs they’re serving and how they can make an impact within their stakeholder’s lives.


  • Culture List: The Happiness Lab podcast with Laurie Santos as well as anything written by Brenè Brown – I’m inspired by her commitment to being “in the arena” – daring greatly in your own life and moving toward vulnerability.
  • Bucket Items: I’m more about little moments of joy, but if I had to make a bucket list, a few things on it would be to visit more national parks, own a home with a big front porch, and write and publish a book.
  • Memorable Facts: I worked at a zoo one summer and am professionally trained on how to hold alligators and large snakes. I still remember my favorite alligator, Hank!
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Be a spark.
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