Keri Downs

Keri brings a positive energy and academic expertise to her role as a Senior Consultant at Brandtrust. Whether she is helping clients discover inspiring insights through research or guiding her team through meaningful strategy, Keri draws on her wealth of experience to deliver the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

As a graduate of UCLA’s bachelor program in Pyschobiology and University College London’s master program in Neuroscience, Keri has an academic grounding that allows her to see clearly the insights that matter most to clients and consumers. Her professional background as a researcher on psychological and physiological projects gives her a unique understanding of how to translate deeply human insights toward organizational goals.

Her enthusiasm and drive don’t stop with her professional life. Like many of her fellow consultants, Keri also has a serious case of wanderlust: she has lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, Barcelona, London, and Phoenix—to name a few. When she isn’t working or traveling, you can usually catch her reading a book or sipping a latte in a local coffee house.


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