Jia Gao

Associate Consultant, Client Services

WHO I AM AS A HUMAN DOING (Professional Self): I am passionate about analytical tasks, either being the “translator” to uncover the why behind nebulous thoughts or transforming them into structured solutions through research. With a masters in the social sciences and policy research methods (UChicago) and a prior strategy analyst intern for a tech company, I derive energy from having exposure of all industries and uncover their unique WHY that drives social impact. While serving as a collaborator and connecter in multicultural projects teams of international development consultancy, I began my journey of commitment to aligning different stakeholders by empathic communication. Ultimately, I am a professional dedicated to the pursuit of transforming nebulous thoughts into structured, data-driven solutions through research and statistical tools. On any given day, you can find me facilitating the handoff through end of a Brandtrust project in the most proactive manner possible. 

WHO I AM AS A HUMAN BEING (Personal Self): At my core, I am a dedicated problem-solver and warm-hearted human. Adjacently, I am a self-acclaimed nature enthusiast and a volleyball fan – with experience playing the setter position in both high school and college.

WHAT I DO AT BRANDTRUST: I am multi-faceted project manager for the kind of Human Truth projects that bring research insights to life for brand activation. On any given day I am holistically handling scheduling, logistics, recruitment and making sure everything says on budget for maximum impact/delight.


  • Culture List: The film In Bruges (2008) directed by Martin McDonagh.
  • Bucket Items: Visit Alaska, Egypt and Tibet.
  • Memorable Facts: I’m a theatre woman at heart. Originally, I wanted to become a sitcom writer before coming to Chicago and spend all my summers in high school in China National Center for the Performing Arts.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: It’s not that bad.
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