Hui Ling Chen

Senior Sales & Marketing Associate

As an integral part of the Business Development team at Brandtrust (and previous Client Services team member), I am energized by the work into deeper insights of consumer and human behavior. My vocational background has canvassed experience in nonprofit work focused on hunger, education and collective impact – priming me for the importance of leaning into Human Truth as the most important catalyst for change. On any given day you’ll find me collaborating with various internal teams and departments in order to create unique solutions and manage expectations for client needs that spark delight. Joy is most aptly sparked for me when I am involved in projects that take behavioral economic theory and tools into strategy and insights.

A long time Chicagoan who knows the best spots for pho and desserts, I spend most of my time staying active through yoga, volleyball, and running (so that I can keep exploring all the cafés and bakeries hearted on Google Maps.) My ideal day would begin with a sense of adventure and end with a great book. My sphere of humans would describe me as happy-go-lucky, spontaneous, empathetic and spunky!

Strategically propel our brand voice forward through proposal construction, sales enablement and internal project management in the marketing and sales branch.


  • Culture List: “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by Lori Gottlieb “The Paradoxical Commandments” by Dr. Kent Keith.
  • Bucket Items: Adopt a dog, get a yoga teacher training certification, and visit 30 countries.
  • Memorable Facts: I am known for randomly inserting a part of a poem, quote or word in a different language into the conversation.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: YOU get to choose how to define failure. Whether it be a trampoline, quicksand, or an optical illusion at the bottom, you have the power to reframe and take failure as a learning experience.
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