Hui Ling Chen

Senior Associate Consultant

“Inspiring clients and receiving inspiration and education in return. I love being able to immerse deeply in not only human stories and truths, but also getting to probe through various industries and categories.”

A true native to Chicago, Hui Ling Chen serves as a Senior Associate Consultant at Brandtrust. She assists clients and her fellow teammates by making sure every aspect of a project is going smoothly and on track. Her role entails handling scheduling, logistics, recruitment, and making sure everything stays on budget.

Hui Ling earned her dual undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology from Northwestern University. She loves learning about and applying behavioral science to life and in her work. She practices empathy, active listening and being kind to herself and others, since if there’s one thing she’s learned from the behavioral sciences and Brandtrust, it’s that humans are complicated.

She has a passion for travel and dabbles in multilingualism by learning new languages. She studied abroad in Korea, France, and Germany, and continues to enjoy entertainment from all of these countries, most especially Korean dramas. A foodie and a nature-lover, you’ll find Hui Ling getting lost in the mountains or trying new cuisines!

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611