Erin Kelly

Managing Director, Growth

“It’s incredibly rewarding to introduce some of the brightest minds in marketing to new approaches for solving complex challenges.”

No one could be more perfectly equipped than Erin to serve as Brandtrust’s Managing Director of Growth. She came to Brandtrust with a balanced combination of experience in consulting services, marketing and business development. Erin has spent many years advising Fortune 500 clients in marketing and consumer research, yet she also has rich and deep experience in managing and leading marketing and business development staff, nurturing client relationships and coaching highly performing teams to collaborate effectively.

Erin’s always on the leading edge of what’s new and effective in marketing. Her marketing prowess was responsible for creating buzz-worthy online campaigns before it became a standard. Her successes include such groundbreaking concepts and campaigns as the first Internet Film and Music Festival, which caught the attention of–and was acquired by–the Sundance Institute.

Erin’s responsibilities at Brandtrust include leading our firm’s business development and marketing efforts. She says of working at Brandtrust, “Many of our clients are global brands, and it’s hard to imagine there’s any resource that they don’t already have at their fingertips. So it’s incredibly rewarding to work with some of the brightest minds in marketing and introduce them to a new approach for solving their complex brand, innovation or marketing challenges. It’s very rewarding to see a client reach that ‘ah-ha’ moment and hearing them say that our work has fundamentally changed the way they think about and approach their business.”

Outside of work, Erin and her husband Pete are devoted parents to McKenzie and Nick. Erin is also an avid runner, is always looking for new physical and intellectual challenges and somehow finds the time to read a variety of books on a wide and eclectic range of topics.