Erin Kelly

Managing Director, Growth

I’ve spent much of my career in leadership roles in the trenches, building and activating growth strategies for both Fortune 100 companies and scrappy startups. Prior to joining Brandtrust, I gained invaluable experience in navigating disruption from both sides of the ring—holding leadership roles at organizations on the brink of being disrupted and at emerging disruptors. This has given me a unique perspective on the dynamic landscape of business. I find inspiration in exploring possibilities and opportunities from new territories and connecting ideas to current realities. My role at BT is a natural connection to this past experience, where I can now help organizations/clients find ways to modernize through applied social and behavioral sciences. I know it sounds fancy, but in plain English, it means I’m helping our clients connect the dots between human truth and human behavior and business success.

Beyond the professional realm, I’m just your average Chicago resident trying to juggle a wild circus at home. I’ve got two energetic teenagers, two needy + furry dogs and a husband who’s building a tequila business. Talk about a real-life cocktail of chaos! When I’m not keeping up with the mayhem, you’ll find me sipping my husband’s hand-crafted spirits, cheering like a maniac at baseball and track events, and taking long walks while diving into my list of captivating reads, podcasts and more. Oh, and did I mention I’m a master juggler? Seriously, like every working mom, I can handle more balls in the air than a circus performer. Keeps me moving!

Through strategic thinking and effective communication, I holistically keep a pulse on market dynamics, client needs and industry trends in order to help explore and grow Brandtrust’s growth trajectory.


  • Culture List: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, WorkLife with Adam Grant and Borrowed Future (2022 Film).
  • Bucket Items: Travel Europe with my entire family, be a rescue foster dog parent as a side gig, be a creator and live healthy and happy to see my children’s children..
  • Memorable Facts: I make most bad decisions when a puppy is involved. Another fun factoid: I made a cameo appearance in BJ Fogg’s Book “Tiny Habits”.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Seek to understand, not to be understood.
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