David Vosburg


I am an experienced, collaborative, hands-on creative working across disciplines to build brands, design products, and tell stories. I’ve worked in agencies, in-house, and independently for global brands and campaigns. I love guiding creative teams crafting experiences that inspire wonder and action. In 15 years of creative work, I’ve worked on everything from sports television to fashion shoots, startup product design to branding for Fortune 500s. My diverse creative experience, deep cultural knowledge, business acumen, and passion for people translate from concept to code, to C-suite and back again.

I am a maker. On a regular basis that means bread, yogurt, furniture, conceptual art, and spaces for people to have meaningful conversations.
I am a reader. A steady diet of poetry, philosophy, physics, and statistical analysis of baseball. I am a mover. With no car and lots to do, my partner, two kids and I walk at least 3 miles a day year-round (rain, shine, even Chicago winters!), with plenty of bike rides, gardening and ball games besides.

I blend a social-scientific approach and business strategy to articulate the possibilities that arise in research. Ultimately, I listen across all respondent stories to understand and convey the underlying fertile common ground of Human Truth to create maximum impact for many.


  • Culture List: “For the Time Being” by Annie Dillard, Articles of Interest Podcast and The Wind Will Carry Us (1999 Film).
  • Bucket Items: I intentionally don’t have a bucket list as a practice of contentment.
  • Memorable Facts: I was standing at the starting line when Usain Bolt set the 100m dash world record.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Deep truths often feel contradictory at first glance. Understanding requires looking long and close.
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