Dan Bryan


Dan has been a long time partner of Brandtrust. He has a diverse background, having studied Industrial Engineering, Communication, and Social Entrepreneurship. His undergraduate work and early career experience in engineering has prepared him to bring order to chaos with a proficiency for translating ideas into reality. In conjunction with our team, Dan has led many clients through a process of uncovering the psychological and emotional insights about their consumers and other stakeholders, and assisted them in translating those insights to actionable marketplace strategies.

Dan also has a deep personal passion for the power of a great business to create value in multiple dimensions. This is why his graduate work also focused on blended value business models, and his master’s thesis convinced his university to develop a program in the field. Dan is committed to delivering not only excellent strategic brand consultation, but also the benefits of a partner with true passion for businesses that make their stakeholders’ lives better. Dan loves all things related to cuisine and travel, and looks forward to every chance he has to gather for a meal with friends and strangers alike.

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