Christian Lauffer

Senior Director, Client Services

“Every great story and strategy is born from the profound understanding of a deep human truth that has the power to change the world.”

With a unique background that led him to earn degrees in both marketing and architecture, Christian brings a keen sense of precision and a creative awareness to his projects with Brandtrust. His focus lies in helping clients glean powerful insights from customer research and then leverage these insights to craft tangible branding, marketing and communications strategies.

“I love the process of uncovering deeply, human stories and then helping clients align what they already do well to those stories. It’s a creative and strategic process that I feel very grateful to be a part of writing and shaping.” He cites Brandtrust’s Emotional Inquiry research approach as an important component of many of the great initiatives he’s had the privilege to be a part of. “With traditional research, marketers ask direct questions and often get the answers that people think are expected of them. But Emotional Inquiry gets to the truth of the matter, because it’s supported by a solid understanding of the science behind how we navigate the world and make decisions, and acknowledges that emotions drive almost every single decision we make.”

During his time with Brandtrust, Christian has helped craft brand solutions for Hewlett Packard, Nestlé, Honda, Kraft, Amgen and General Mills, among others.

A multi-dimensional thinker both at work and at home, Christian often shatters people’s preconceptions of him. He’s an avid (if not rabid) soccer fan, yet can occasionally be coaxed to play classical violin at a friend’s wedding. Christian and his wife Kelly have a passion for running marathons, but are now busy caring for their children, Micah, Reid, and Gemma.

444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611